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Spiritual Healing

The basic philosophy that accompanies most spiritual healing traditions is that when we are disconnected from our true nature as spirit, a soul experiencing a physical domain, we are cut off from true wellbeing and understanding of our incredible abilty to heal ourselves.

The Divine Source, Great Spirit, the Golden Cloud Light of energy (our life force), when we are disconnected from it, and do not recognise it within ourselves as Divine Beings, we can experience numerous illnesses that manifest in endless forms.

There are five different types of spiritual healing and this applies to how all energy healing occurs -

  1. Physical healing (of the body)

  2. Emotional healing (of the heart)

  3. Mental healing (of the mind)

  4. Spiritual healing (of the spirit or soul)

  5. Holistic healing (of the body, heart, mind, and spirit)

The type of spiritual healing that you’ll need will depend on the following questions:

  • What is your main struggle in life right now?

  • Do you have more than one pressing issue?

Spiritual healing is the practice (and experience) of restoring, harmonizing and balancing our connection to our Spirit or Soul.

As author and teacher Shakti Gawain writes:

Spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being – the wise, loving, powerful, creative entity that we are at our core.

Spiritual healing for me is the connection to our guides, Angels, Divine beings and ancestors.  It allows space during the healing session to receive wisdom and insight and self-care practices that will benefit the most.

A typical treatment is between 30 mins to 1 hr and the client will be comfortably lying on the treatment couch with a blanket on during the session. All work is done within the auric field, no touch.

Spiritual healing is a lovely addition when used alongside other healing modalities bringing a sense of peace and bliss to the session.

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