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Nada Yoga - The Yoga of Sound
and Singing

Nada Yoga
Nada Yoga Sessions

16th September 2023
14th October
18th November
20th January 2024
17th February
16th March

Grain Coast Crafty
Alpaca Farm



2 hr sessions where we will dive into the world of sound, chanting, music and singing, learning Sanskrit chants, singing sacred songs from around the world with ukulele and other musical treats and yogic sound techniques to bring us into joyful awareness of the infinite. Prayerful and powerful mantras and songs to create blissful music between us.

Open to everyone who has a voice, no singing or musical experience needed and open to anyone who wants to experience the deep healing resonance of their own voice in a myriad of ways

Space will be held and created by Laura Hayward BWY trained yoga teacher and Yoga Nidra facillitator trained by Independant Yoga

I love music, dancing, drumming and singing and have been chanting for years as part of my yoga practice and I would like to share some of the most famous Sanskrit yogic chants as a spiritual practice.

I have also been singing and playing ukulele with my wonderful friend Peter for a few years and we have worked on some beautiful songs that we would love to share with you. Songs that brings such healing and peace and songs that come with a vibration of joy, a beautiful uplifting way to spend an afternoon.

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