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Twisty Twirly Energy Medicine

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Shamanic Healing

There are many definitions of the word Shaman, to my mind a Shaman is someone who is born into an ancient culture and learns the wisdom of the world of spirit and nature from birth as knowledge handed down from master to student and understood from experience. The techniques used are often specific to that region to teach and heal the recipient. Plant medicine has become poplar in recent years and this is not something I offer, not living in the Amazon jungle..

My knowledge comes from the Earth in my part of the world, Kent, teaching me to be quiet to listen and tune in to the rhythm of her nature, her seasons, her sacred waters, the trees. It comes fom my yoga teachings of learning who I am and my connection to all that is. It comes from a strong faith in Great Spirit. It comes from various illuminated shamanic teachers and my own intuitive healing capacities.

I work with lots of different tools in this field of learning, such as sound, either with a rattle, my drum or voice, light language and the healing hoop during a drum circle. 

This form of healing is often a channelled experience held with love, in light and for healing. The wisdom of my teachers and ancestors, a deep connection with my father and my Spirit Guides I have worked with for many years, (and Great Spirit) guides my hands to offer you transformation and healing for your highest good in this NOW moment.

NOTE - There is certain shamanic work I will not undertake at this time and will advise you of other highly experienced shamanic practitioners who can perhaps help you. Please do state your requirements on the booking form.

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