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Twisty Twirly Energy Medicine

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Drum Birthing

The next date has been set for more people to take this unforgettable journey at Grain Coast Crafty Alpaca Farm, Kent. Please do book your space as soon as possible to guarantee you get exactly the materials you want.

New Date For Drum Birthing
16th June 2024

Last year 2022 I was guided to begin a journey of discovery birthing new drums. As each drum was birthed sometimes easily sometimes not so, the drums taught me so much about myself and that great respect and humilty is needed to truly listen to the spirits of the hide and hoop so that the soul of the drum may be honoured as a revered teacher and tool, capable of helping us transcend our ego driven mind and journey into wisdom.

I am offering the service of being a midwife and space holder for you to birth your own sacred drum. Taking you through the process from the cutting of the hide and lacing, connecting with the spirits of the hide and hoop, guiding your birthing to finally holding your creation and honouring the Drum.

If you would like me to birth a drum for you personally, in ceremony  that is also possible and I can offer a bespoke service to accommodate your request. Please do get in touch to talk about how I can help.

More workshops in North Kent are planned however if you'd like me to travel to where you are please do get in touch to organise a workshop in your area.

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