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Twisty Twirly Energy Medicine

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Shamanic Yoga Drum Bath

A new modality of a sound bath using the ancient beat of the shamanic drum as several drums are beat over your body in turn, allowing you to absorb the ancient healing vibrations or perhaps take a journey into your deeper wisdom.

The process will begin with a cacao ceremony to anchor our intentions for the practice Laura will then guide you into the deeply relaxed state of yoga nidra - conscious sleep and you can receive all that you need from the drums and rattles and channelled sounds and songs for healing, refreshment and to nourish your inner light as Hazel and Laura keep the beat travelling together through a delicious soundscape.

The session will close with singing some beautiful healing songs from around the world accompanied by the ukulele.

There will be time for tea and a chat at the end if you like.

£25 exchange, come and enjoy 2 hours of a deeply restful and nourishing practice. Max 15 people.

I hope you can join us for a magical sound experience.
Laura & Hazel

A new offering that has been recently brought to fruition, a shamanic drum bath, which brings together the deep relaxation of yoga nidra and the beatiful healing tones of the drum as I walk with my drums over your resting body. You are invited to take a shamanic journey or just enjoy the deep healing of the drums frequencies mixed with the natural flow of healing energies you will receive from this offering.

Dates for upcoming sessions
@ Grain Coast Crafty Alpaca Farm

11th February
7th April

£25 including cacao
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