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Sacred Sounds 1 Day Retreat

A day of magical sound creation, participation and deep relaxation. Take a deep bow to yourself and all that you hold sacred as we first hold space for an opening ceremony with cacao and shamanic drum circle, calling in our unseen helpers and allies, honouring our Mother Earth and Grandmother Sky.

We will then take all the various parts in a shamanic trance dance, drumming and creating sounds for the journeyers and ensuring their safe space is maintained.

After a vegan gf lunch at 2pm there will be yogic chanting in Sanskrit and singing with ukulele, this is Nada yoga the yoga of sound. Singing beautiful songs and chants from around the world to open your heart and voice. (This is bookable as a separate event if this is the only part of the day you wish to join)

Concluding this retreat day with a delicious drum bath myself Laura and Hazel from Nutz Kreations. A deeply relaxed state is brought about with Yoga Nidra to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrations of the drums and rattles.

There are only 15 spaces for this special day, exchange is £77

We can't wait to welcome you to this beautiful day retreat Laura & Hazel x

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