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4 Feathers Cat Sitting

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As a part of my Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of service and devotion, I found myself a loving kindness daily commitment to kitty cats. I love this "job" I fall in love with all the cats I visit, learning how best to make their humans absence more bearable and building trust and relationship with them. It has been a life-changing commitment that has been easily absorbed into my daily schedule and I welcome all enquiries.

Prices - £12 for 1 visit a day, £20 for 2 visits. Fully insured with private insurance and through the Cat In A Flat site. You can book either through the site or directly with me, below.

I've had pairs of cats for 30 years. We currently have 2 furry cat boys Jack and Gus, brothers we've had from kittens growing up together with our kids. They are not often friends and have adopted different childrens beds to sleep on. Gus needs his own space, our poor dog Pippin learnt this very quickly.
Our menagerie has increased over the years to include not just the 2 cats and a dog we also have 12 amazing little ratties, Diego the gecko and an array of tropical fish. So I'm happy to cater for other animals as well.
I've been vegetarian for 35yrs and I have brought my kids up with this ethic - to love and respect all animals.

With me caring for your beloved pet you can rest assured your cat will be loved and respected, played with and given plenty of attention and I can take lots of pics for you to see how happy your pet is. Combined with lots of stroking and fluffing in all the right places (if its wanted of course) your furry baby will be fed and cared for as if they were my own and given every luxury and tasty treat to help them cope with your absence.
If your cat needs tablets or insulin injections I'm able to administer these. I'm also happy to deal with older cats needs as one of my cats was 20 when we lost him!
I am also a trained animal Reiki healer and can offer this too if requested.
I look forward to meeting and caring for your beloved furry baby. To enquire about availability or to book a meet and greet please click here -


4 Feathers Cat Sitting

High quality cat sitting service by  Laura Hayward. Very experienced with all types of feline friends. Fully insured cat lover,  cat-isfaction guaranteed.

Laura 07713 979251

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