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Twisty Twirly Energy Medicine

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Reiki Treatment


A typical reiki session can last up to 60 minutes and clients are treated either lying down on a massage table or seated in a chair either in my private space or at their home. Unlike massage, the client remains fully clothed during the session, and direct physical contact is rare.

Reiki can often be combined with other healing modalities if required and a typical session would be around 60 minutes.

In these sessions I often smudge or cleanse the aura and offer a gentle meditation and visualisation to relax into the space of the body. 

I use the Eastern technique sometimes to work on any emotional unbalances in the head and it can work instantly to bring calm and peace.

A full treatment will include working through all the chakras as a guide to where the energy is needed and sometimes you will receive symbols and guidance to work with to continue your healing after the session.

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