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Bhakti Yoga

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Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion.

Bhakti yoga is one of the four classical schools of yoga alongside Jnana (knowledge or self-study), Karma (action) and Raja (meditation), each offering a path to moksha (spiritual liberation) and self-realization.

Derived from the Sanskrit root, bhaj meaning "to serve God," Bhakti yoga is a practice of selfless devotion and recognition of the Divine in everything.

Bhakti yoga is one of the most common paths of spiritual development, particularly in India where the practice originated. The concept was first described in the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, ancient Hindu texts which focus on liberation from suffering.

Bhakti yoga is sometimes referred to as the "path of the heart" and involves surrendering to the Divine or uniting with the universal consciousness, through practices such as chanting, singing devotional mantras (Kirtan), dancing, prayer, rituals and selfless service within the community.

Surrender is both a necessary component and subsequent consequence of Bhakti yoga practice; by observing the divinity of everything in the universe, ideas of self and ego tend to dissolve, along with a sense of separation from others.

Those who follow Bhakti yoga don’t see themselves as separate from one another or from any other part of the universe, thereby enhancing feelings of love and unity.

My devotional practices are varied, I love singing and drumming at Kirtan with Michelle Crozier; I love dancing (and drumming sometimes) with Farah at Ecstatic Dance. I also visit lots of known and unkown sacred sites - ancient stone bothering, sacred springs, and following ley lines and ancient trackways. I spend as much time as I can in nature visiting ancient trees and waterways, always with my drum.

My other devotional practice is as a cat sitter, which is a true joy and great pleasure in my life. I love all the beautiful cats I visit and treat them in a way they are comfortable with, some cats do not want to be touched.

I have a great affinity for all animals but the feline world has me captivated. I develop a great relationship with all my clients and their furry friends while they are away. Lots of pictures and messages every visit, and lots of return customers and wonderful reviews. I love this job I can't believe I get paid for loving cats. Click here to see more -


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