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Twisty Twirly Energy Medicine

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A Gathering of Women

A Sacred Women's Gathering to reclaim all that we have not celebrated

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Our Invitation to you

This is a calling out for the Women, the Mothers, the Grandmothers, the Daughters, the Sisters and the Aunties to come together. The time has come for us to take a stand and sit in sacred space; to remember; to co-create a nurturing community; to be real and authentic. To tell our stories, hear our hearts songs and sing of our connections to each other, our Mothers and Grandmothers, our Earth, our Ancestors. To rejoice in who we are and what we are here to do; to give voice to the dreams we hold dear and nurture; to allow this sacred space to grow to hold our daughters and their dreams as precious seeds.

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22nd & 23rd July 2023
Grain Coast Crafty Alpaca Farm


Join us in Sacred Circle Space for a journey through the Life Spiral.
A for women only event held over 2 days with camping available on site. A deep dive within held with care and compassion to create meaningful ceremonies that honour our life's passage.

Using Gail Burketts book Soul Stories as a map and the deep forest of our memories we will be seeking our unique medicine and forgotten dreams with authenticity and an unfolding of our true nature.

This challenging sacred work is spilt into 3 sections and the purpose of this Gathering in July is to look at the Maiden years from Conception to First Blood and hold ceremony to honour Menarche (First Blood).

Some things you might expect at this Gathering - finding a connection to yourself through stories, feeling seen and heard and sharing of ourselves, connection to other like-minded women sharing this sacred space with you, ceremony and ritual, shamanic journeying, journalling, story sharing, meditation and yoga nidra, creation practices (craft or songs or music), making soul bundles, deep listening, all food and drinks catered for, camping on site.

This space will be held by myself I'm a yoga teacher, drum circle facillitator and Reiki Master and lots of other healing modalities. I have sat in sacred space with Emma many times on this journey when we held space for women at Fort Luton a few years back.
Emma is a fount of sacred womens knowledge and been a solid part of our local Red Tent community. We took a wonderful course with lovely ladies in Wales, Rachel Crow and Eartha Love, where we had our hearts blown open with our introduction to the life spiral and the wonderful transmission of this work by our teachers. We have been hugely inspired by the accompanying book for this Gathering Soul Stories by Gail Burkett and worked with the wisdom of the Life Spiral ourselves several times.

The cost of this Gathering is £200 and there is a maximum number of 12 women we can take with us on this journey. Please contact via the booking form to confirm your booking, receive full details, itinery and to make payment. Once booking has been made there will be no refunds under any circumstances, (sorry) however your place can be passed onto another lovely lady by arrangement.

We can't wait to hold this beautiful event at the wonderful Grain Coast Alpaca Farm x Laura and Emma xx

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