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Twisty Twirly Energy Medicine

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Sacred Singing Circles

A monthly sacred songs singing circle open to everyone. Now Being offered as part of Nada Yoga - The Yoga of Sound. Peter and I have been singing and playing guitar and ukulele together for about 2 years, we play all sorts of beautiful uplifting songs from all around the world, including but not limited to Sanskrit mantras, Spanish songs of the Shamans, some of my drumming songs in fact anything that is beautiful, sacred and joyful.

We have been lucky enough to be able to sit around a fire outide in my garden and we now extend that invitation to everyone else.  So bring a blanket and any instrument you play - (no grand pianos tho please) and your voice and heart.

We are not professional musicians however (altho Peter is pretty darn good) we would love to share the songs, with chords, we have been working on. We can't teach you how to sing or play an instrument but we can show you what we do and love doing by singing / playing with you as a group of people who love singing / playing songs of love for the Earth and each other.


A Shaman would ask when you got a sickness (mental / emotional)

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop drumming?

Let's be well together x

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